How much do you know about these trucks "cold" knowledge?

For a trucker, a car is his brother. Many truckers talk about their cars and are always talking about them. They drive, they know their cars and they love them.

  But there are some cold driving or truck knowledge that you really may not know. If you don't believe me, come and open the door to a new world with Captain Car!

  01、The right headlight shines farther than the left headlight
  This is mainly in order not to affect as far as possible the opposite lane of the driver's line of sight, as far as possible to reduce the light to each other, that is, "anti-dazzle", so the above picture of the left side of the light in more than 30m part of the sudden "narrowing".

  02, the wheels of the truck are "front convex and back concave"

  The so-called "front convex concave" is actually after the double front single, because the double-sided part can have more space to install the brake and steering system, the front wheel steering only installed a tyre and the rear wheel to consider the weight of the load on the installation of two tyres, the outer side of the tyre with a single side and the inner side of the car tyre fixed connection visual effect is concave.

  03. The longest traffic jam was about 100 km long
  In August 2010, the Beijing-Tibet Expressway outside Beijing was severely congested for more than 12 days, and the longest traffic jam was about 100 kilometres long, the longest time and the longest distance of a congestion.

  04. No refuelling in thunderstorms
  The car is out of fuel, the unanimous reaction of all drivers is to find a gas station. But if you catch a thunderstorm, it is better to find a service area to stop and rest. Thunderstorms, the air after lightning and thunder, will be filled with a large number of charged particles. If you refuel your vehicle during a thunderstorm, the fuel gun is very likely to introduce stray, loose currents into the fuel tank and start a fire. Flammable oil vapour is easily diffused into the surrounding air, and in case of a lightning strike, the vehicle and the tank will explode, which is very dangerous.

  05. There really are countries where you can get free fuel
  In Turkmenistan, the government issues free fuel tickets to owners of lorries, cars and motorbikes every six months, with car owners receiving 120 litres of free petrol per month. However, from 1 July 2014 onwards, free fuel tickets will no longer be issued to car and motorbike owners, and truck drivers have thus become the biggest winners.

  06. 1,800 metres of circuit wiring in trucks
  As a highly sophisticated mechanical and electronic product, the intrinsic structure of a truck is more complex than we can generally imagine. Can you imagine a truck with almost 1,800 metres of electronic wiring? A person normally walks 2-3 steps per second, 50 cm per step, which is estimated to take about 35-40 minutes!

  07. Drink a glass of wine for 10 hours before driving
  Generally speaking, drinking 1 or 2 bottles of beer, or about one or two 12 degrees of red wine, half two 50 degrees of white wine, you can reach the standard of drink driving. And alcohol is metabolised at a limited rate in the human body, generally only 10 grams to 15 grams of alcohol per hour. Therefore, it is best to wait 10 hours for a glass of beer or half a tael of white wine before driving, and to drink 2 bottles of beer or 3 taels of low-level white wine, preferably after a day before driving.


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