How to prevent gear deformation after tempering

We all know that gears in the heat treatment is easy to deformation, serious deformation is easy to affect our work daily work, then we should how to prevent gears in the heat treatment after the deformation?

To be able to deal with the preparation of the organization. It should be noted that in the normalizing or tempering treatment, must keep the furnace temperature uniform, as well as the use of station apparatus, so that the workpiece evenly heated and cooled, strictly prohibited stacked together. Gears that need to be drilled to reduce weight should be drilled after the heat treatment.

Heat treatment of gears using high-frequency quenching of the tooth surface that makes the part less deformed; high-frequency quenching gives the tooth surface high strength, hardness, wear resistance and fatigue, while the heart still maintains sufficient plasticity and toughness. To reduce deformation. High-frequency quenching of the tooth surface should be used for lower quenching temperature and shorter heating time, uniform heating, slow cooling.


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