Selection of oil supply for gearing

There are currently many national views on the selection of oil supply quantities for gear drives. Empirical values, empirical formulae and conditional formulae are used in parallel. It is not difficult to find that the oil supply quantities specified for gear drives with the same operating conditions are not the same from different oil supply viewpoints. Thus the effect of lubrication and cooling of the gear transmission (for example: resistance to galling, resistance to pitting, vibration, noise and transmission efficiency, etc.) is also not the same. This is a phenomenon worthy of our consideration, that is, under certain conditions (such as low-speed small size drive), the oil supply point of view specified by the oil supply are very close, lubrication and cooling effect is also very good, generally from the tooth surface can be transferred out of the total heat of more than 90. In other words, for most oil supply points, satisfactory lubrication and cooling can be obtained.

However, in another condition (such as high-speed large size transmission), the oil supply point of view specified by the oil supply but a big difference, some even more than ten times the difference. This means that the oil supply has lost its practical significance. The two phenomena described above show that there are limitations to each of the oil supply points of view. As there is no analysis, evaluation of the scientific method of the oil supply point of view, resulting in the gear drive oil supply selection, is still in the confusion of each line of work. In particular, it has had a negative impact on the design, testing and application of our current gear transmission.


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