The size of the gears can be determined by the profile and rpm ratio of the gearbox

In the absence of a power supply, it is necessary to create a device that is powered by potential energy, including springs and gravity. For example, the white motion sun tracking mechanism of a solar receiver requires a device that is small and can be controlled automatically. We use alarm clock and unconventional gear transmission box made a clock control transmission device, used to control the operation of the solar cooker surface, take the name of the time control device referred to as the time control device well in the flat type solar cooker on the use, has passed the municipal technical appraisal, confirmed is a new mechanical transmission mode. It consists of active gear passive gear drive belt and solar receiver and alarm clock etc. The source of torque on the cooker surface is to add a counterweight on both sides of the cooker surface that can be moved along the cooker surface to change the size of the rotating torque towards the west and do the rotating power for the solar relocation. Through the time control, the rotation speed is controlled with an alarm clock. The drive belt acting on the pulley should be one with the direction of rotation of the clockwork shaft. The force analysis of the tooth surface and the determination of the tooth angle of the gear are designed by applying the principle of a weight sliding on an inclined surface. One tooth of the active gear meshes with a tooth of the driven gear and is seen as a weight sliding down an inclined surface, forcing the tooth to move in a horizontal direction because the mouth of the tooth slides vertically downwards. The normal reaction force and the static whipping force can be replaced by a fully restrained reaction force i.e. the ruler is the combined force which is internally caused at this point.

On the contrary alarm clock can not play a control role, it should change the direction of the drive belt. Passive gear by two pieces of dawn, two pieces of the same number of teeth, tooth difference circumference section mounted together, that is, a piece of tooth peak against another piece of tooth valley, and fixed on the shaft. The active gear can be a standard cylindrical gear with three pieces of the same parameters as the driven gear. The alarm angle is mounted in the gearbox. The size of the gear can be determined by the profile of the gearbox and the rpm ratio, and the module can be determined by the size of the load. The thickness of each piece of the gear should be less than the tooth pitch to avoid jamming of the teeth. We use standard cylindrical gears with a slice of tooth and modulus to adapt. Active gear conversion method to the original gear offending teeth every other tooth milling off a tooth, made of a tooth a then in three pieces of gear on each tooth milling a tooth face angle that is completed gear processing. When the torque magnification is determined, the tooth angle can be calculated according to the formula or formula. Calculation of the ratio of the active gear to the driven gear revolution set the number of teeth of the active gear for the driven gear for the number of teeth for the spoon. Passive gear speed due to the passive gear each turn over two teeth hairy gear turn over a tooth, and the active gear and every other tooth to remove a tooth, so the number of teeth on the moving gear to double.


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