What policies and proposals are relevant to truckers in the 2018 Session?

The two sessions of the National People's Congress 2018, which is being held with the eager expectation and concern of the people of the country, are related to the development of various industries in 2018, and are closely related to people's lives. Many of them are about road freight and trucking industry related information, truckers should pay close attention to oh...

  Focus on the "Government Work Report" in the trucking industry new policy

  1. Carry out special treatment for diesel trucks with excessive emissions

  Over the past five years, the country has been heavily engaged in rectifying air pollution, with the average concentration of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) in key areas falling by more than 30%; at the same time, it has continued to improve fuel quality and eliminated more than 20 million yellow-label vehicles and old vehicles. On the basis of this, the report on the work proposals for 2018, the fourth proposed "resolutely fight the three major battles", one of the content is precisely "to promote pollution prevention and control to achieve greater results".
Diesel trucks
The "two sessions" of the "government work report" mentioned to carry out special treatment of diesel trucks with excessive emissions

  Looking further back, the report mentions that this year's target is to reduce energy consumption per unit of GDP by more than 3% and to continue to reduce emissions of major pollutants. Obviously, this will require efforts on diesel trucks.

  In this regard, we can predict: national three or even national five diesel trucks or will be a large range of retrofit DPF, in order to help improve the level of exhaust emissions; for some old vehicles, around or successively introduced subsidies to promote early retirement of national three or even national four models.

  2. New energy vehicle purchase tax preferential policy extended for another three years

  This year, the report clearly put forward "accelerate the construction of manufacturing power", new energy vehicles and integrated circuits, fifth-generation mobile communications, aircraft engines, new materials and other industries were "named" at the same time, the country's attention to the high degree of its visible.

  Looking back at the development of the new energy vehicle market in recent years, through the accumulation of several years, as well as some policies such as purchase subsidies, purchase tax incentives, etc. to promote, China's new energy vehicle market ushered in the spring, and even production and sales scale has long been ranked first in the world.

  Taking new energy commercial vehicles as an example, in 2017, the production and sales of 188,000 and 184,000 pure electric commercial vehicles, an increase of 22.2% and 21.5% year-on-year; the production and sales of 14,000 plug-in hybrid commercial vehicles, down 24.9% and 26.6% year-on-year.
  3. Full abolition of the used car relocation restriction policy

  In this year's report, it is proposed to "fully abolish the policy of restricting the relocation of second-hand vehicles". In fact, with the increase in car ownership, the used car market is booming and the industry needs further regulation and guidance to facilitate its development.

  Once the restriction on relocation of used cars is lifted, the circulation and supply of vehicles will see a dramatic change, with more and better sources of vehicles, and a predictable increase in market dynamism and incremental growth, with users' willingness to buy cars likely to rise as never before.

  In terms of second-hand trucks, for many individual vehicle owners engaged in transportation, this type of model as a transition or livelihood, have certain advantages, the report proposed "the full abolition of the policy of relocation restrictions on second-hand vehicles", is undoubtedly a major benefit to them.

  4. Lower import tariffs on cars and some consumer goods

  What is the impact of the reduction in tariffs on imported cars? First look at a set of data on the price of the comparison. According to reports: an imported car of various taxes and fees together, the selling price may nearly double, so if the tariff is reduced, stimulating consumption is inevitable.

  The share of imported cars in the Chinese car market is currently only about 4%, but if tariffs are significantly reduced, the uptake of imported cars is bound to hit joint venture brands and independent brands, and the commercial vehicle market is no exception.

  Of course, as seen from the perspective of upgrading the demand for logistics vehicles, the quality of imported commercial vehicles is undoubtedly higher, and under the premise that prices will fall as a result of tariff adjustments, it is a better opportunity for logistics enterprises and individual users to purchase vehicles, which is beneficial for the latter.
  5. Further tax reduction for enterprises

  Reform and improve the value-added tax (VAT), adjust the level of tax rates in the direction of three brackets and two brackets, focus on reducing tax rates in manufacturing, transportation and other industries, and raise the standard of annual sales for small-scale taxpayers. Expand the scope of tax concessions for logistics enterprises on land for warehousing.

  6. Various logistics-related initiatives to promote the development of logistics commercial vehicles

  Promoting the reduction of energy, logistics and telecommunication costs, expanding the scope of tax concessions for logistics enterprises on land for warehousing, promoting the healthy development of online shopping and express delivery, as well as deepening the reform of the toll road system and reducing the cost of road and bridge crossings, and other favourable measures in logistics will help the commercial vehicle industry usher in a new period of opportunity.
New energy vehicles
The "two sessions" proposed to improve various logistics-related initiatives to promote the development of logistics commercial vehicles

  At the same time, this year's GDP target growth of about 6.5%, to complete the railway investment of 732 billion yuan, highway and water transport investment of about 1.8 trillion yuan, water conservancy investment in progress to reach 1 trillion yuan, and will pay attention to high-quality development, efforts to solve the financing difficulties of small and micro enterprises, financing expensive problems, these will drive the logistics industry to generate new demand for vehicles.

  7. Strengthen the research and development of a new generation of artificial intelligence

  Develop smart industries, expand smart life, and use new technologies, new industries and new models to vigorously transform and upgrade traditional industries. In the future, autonomous driving technology and artificial intelligence technology may see more rapid development in the commercial vehicle sector.

  Promote integrated circuits to promote the development of integrated circuits, fifth-generation mobile communications, aircraft engines, new energy vehicles, new materials and other industries, implement major short-board equipment special projects, develop industrial internet platforms and create "Made in China 2025" demonstration zones. The Government will also significantly reduce industrial production licenses and strengthen product quality supervision.

  Representative suggestions focusing on new energy intelligent networked vehicles

  1. Accelerate the construction of basic charging facilities

  Dynamic planning and layout of the blueprint for the construction of charging facilities, including accelerating the development of advanced charging technology, doing a good job of renovating and upgrading supporting power supply facilities as well as further compiling and improving the norms and standards for the construction of car parks (depots) supporting new residential and public buildings; making the construction and management of charging infrastructure a special government task; and accelerating the standardization of charging operation service fees and the connection of back-end settlement systems.
New Energy Vehicles
The representatives of the "two sessions" suggested accelerating the construction of basic charging facilities

  2. Strengthen self-driving car legislation

  In terms of accelerating self-driving car legislation to promote legal road testing, strengthen self-driving car-related legislation and, on the premise of ensuring safety, speed up the formulation of special regulations for self-driving car testing by authorizing pilot projects or formulating temporary regulations, so as to guarantee that the relevant tests are "legal on the road"; increase research efforts and discuss new In addition, the government should also strengthen its research and study new management systems, define the responsibilities of the main bodies related to self-driving cars, and explore the establishment of special insurance for self-driving cars.

  In terms of regulating the management and judicial determination of auto product liability disputes, the judicial administrative departments will improve relevant regulations, establish a nationwide unified information platform and regulate the management of judicial appraisal institutions.

  3. Promote the marketization of methanol vehicles

  Further improve the policies of the alcohol-based fuel industry, develop a series of industry standards, including national standards for methanol boilers and methanol for vehicles, establish a certification system for related technologies and products, and increase efforts to promote the implementation of the standards, as well as further support major demonstration projects for methanol fuel to achieve the healthy development of industries related to the "liquid sunshine economy". At the same time, we will further support major demonstration projects for the application of methanol fuel, achieve healthy development of the industry related to the "liquid sunshine economy", and promote the research and development of key technologies and the transformation of innovative results.


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