Gear mould industry should adjust the future development strategy

In recent years, the application of plastic gears in the gear industry will become more and more worldwide trend. China's gear industry is also in the plight of development, and has a certain scale of development, but, in the face of technology and innovation capabilities significantly higher than China's foreign enterprises, domestic enterprises still have a certain distance. In such a context, China should adjust the industry development strategy.

Plastic gear with low transmission noise, can absorb vibration, self-lubrication, mold processing production efficiency and other advantages, widely used. For the domestic gear mould manufacturing enterprises, still need to the world gear mould development level, the industry level should also be in accordance with the new environmental requirements of the strategy to develop.

At present, China's domestic gear mould industry development opportunities and challenges coexist. Domestic gear mould production has been a certain basis, and the rapid development of plastic gear trend will also bring greater market space for gear mould, to bring new opportunities for the industry, at the same time, compared to foreign gear mould advanced production level, the domestic production of gear mould level there is a certain gap, facing the pressure of technology and innovation. Should take to speed up the industrial structure adjustment, accelerate the implementation of industry standards strategy to promote the overall development of the industry.

Accelerate the industrial structure adjustment, is required in the future development, gear mould industry should pay more attention to the strategic adjustment of its product structure, so that the complex structure of the mould to get faster development, improve the quality of products, efficiency and new product development ability. Accelerate the implementation of industry standards, is required to develop and introduce as soon as possible the processing of gear moulds and industry-related national standards, to consider the gear moulds experimental standards, precision standards, test equipment standards and other aspects, the development of the industry in line with the actual, but also to promote industry innovation and transformation and upgrading of standards.

Domestic response to market changes is not sharp enough, supporting research is difficult to keep up with market demand, in the future development, should speed up the industrial structure adjustment, accelerate the renewal of products, accelerate the implementation of industry standards, strengthen the density of cooperation between industries, and promote the development of the domestic gear mould industry.


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