Gears should be tested after tooth removal

This bearing inside and outside the ring separate, assembly in the thrust side can get a good centering, and vice thrust is centering effect is very poor, by the assembly workers technical level of influence, the larger the axial string centering effect is worse, the string amount is small and make the bearing overheating, in addition to the domestic thrust bearing accuracy is poor running together after the wear and tear string amount will be large. And in the management does not have any provisions to run together how long to readjust the amount of string. The axial string amount is too large axis positioning is not good, at the same time the unit is reciprocating machine is bound to produce vibration, the amplitude reaches a certain value may impact to break the teeth.

The coupling diaphragm is in the pressure state, while the high-speed shaft of the gearbox axial thrust also happens to push the coupling, so that the axial thrust by the coupling diaphragm to bear the majority, while the thrust bearing to bear very little, or even do not bear the axial force, so that in the high-speed shaft coupling at the centering effect is poor. Coupling installation and allow 011mm of different degrees, here is the source of vibration of the gearbox generated. From the gear damage over the years in the large gear compressor side of the demolition of teeth also proved this point, before the transformation of the coupling in the maintenance into all the hand hammer down, the installation clearance for negative values.

Gear reducer transformation when we take into account the stock of spare parts, size coordination more in the retaining ring and bearing gland and other above, to ensure that the stock of spare parts can still be used. Gears should be analysed after tooth removal, and should not simply look for the cause of the problem parts, especially at this stage after the main reliance on domestic production of spare parts for imported equipment, it is possible that the quality of other spare parts may lead to problems. It is therefore very important and necessary for the field service personnel to correctly determine the cause of the fault and to take appropriate measures.


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