How to prevent gear deformation after tempering

We all know that gears in the heat treatment is easy to deformation, serious deformation is easy to affect our work daily work, then we should how to prevent gears in the heat treatment after the deformation?

Selection of oil supply for gearing

There are currently many national views on the selection of oil supply quantities for gear drives. Empirical values, empirical formulae and conditional formulae are used in parallel. It is not difficult to find that the oil supply quantities specified for gear drives with the same operating conditions are not the same from different oil supply viewpoints

The size of the gears can be determined by the profile and rpm ratio of the gearbox

In the absence of a power supply, it is necessary to create a device that is powered by potential energy, including springs and gravity. For example, the white motion sun tracking mechanism of a solar receiver requires a device that is small and can be controlled automatically

Basic characteristics of gearing

The power and speed range of gear transmission is very large, the power can be from very small to hundreds of thousands of kilowatts, the circumferential speed can be from very small to more than one hundred meters per second. Gear size can be from less than 1mm to more than 10m.

Overview of gear noise, analysis and causes

Gear noise should be accurately referred to as gear transmission noise, refers to the meshing of gear pairs or gear sets in the transmission, due to the mutual collision or friction provoked by the gear body vibration and radiation out of the noise.

Gears should be tested after tooth removal

This bearing inside and outside the ring separate, assembly in the thrust side can get a good centering, and vice thrust is centering effect is very poor, by the assembly workers technical level of influence, the larger the axial string centering effect is worse, the string amount is small and make the bearing overheating, in addition to the domestic thrust bearing accuracy is poor running together after the wear and tear string amount will be large. And in the management does not have any provisions to run together how long to readjust the amount of string. The axial string amount is too large axis positioning is not good, at the same time the unit is reciprocating machine is bound to produce vibration, the amplitude reaches a certain value may impact to break the teeth.

Gear mould industry should adjust the future development strategy

In recent years, the application of plastic gears in the gear industry will become more and more worldwide trend. China's gear industry is also in the plight of development, and has a certain scale of development, but, in the face of technology and innovation capabilities significantly higher than China's foreign enterprises, domestic enterprises still have a certain distance. In such a context, China should adjust the industry development strategy.

What policies and proposals are relevant to truckers in the 2018 Session?

The two sessions of the National People's Congress 2018, which is being held with the eager expectation and concern of the people of the country, are related to the development of various industries in 2018, and are closely related to people's lives. Many of them are about road freight and trucking industry related information, truckers should pay close attention to oh...

How much do you know about these trucks "cold" knowledge?

For a trucker, a car is his brother. Many truckers talk about their cars and are always talking about them. They drive, they know their cars and they love them.

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